Be ye kind one to another. Eph. 4:32a


Let’s color a picture of Bobby and Mary. See how they are smiling? Look at their teeth as they smile! Are teeth used for chewing? (nod Yes and smile) Yes, teeth are used for chewing our food.

The Biting Song
(sung to Bah Bah Black Sheep)

Biting someone isn’t very nice
God says everyone be kind
Never bite just to get our way
We must be nice every day
Biting someone isn’t very nice
God says everyone be kind

Bible Time

Let’s open the Bible and learn what God says about biting someone.

Be ye kind one to another. (Eph 4:32a)


Mary and her little brother, Bobby, were playing with their toys. When Bobby grabbed Mary’s stuffed animal, Mary got very angry and bit Bobby on the arm. Bobby began to cry because it hurt very much. Mommy came from the kitchen and saw Mary’s teeth marks on Bobby’s arm. “Mary!” said Mommy. “That was a very bad thing to do! God’s Word says to ‘be ye kind one to another.’ Is biting being kind?” Mary started feeling very sad for biting Bobby. Mary said, “No, Mommy, biting Bobby was not being kind.”

Mommy said, “Mary, please ask Bobby to forgive you for biting him.” Mary said, “Bobby, I’m sorry I bit you. Please forgive me.” Bobby stopped crying and smiled. Then Bobby gave Mary a big hug. (smile and hug yourself) Good job, Mary, for asking for forgiveness!

Teaching Throughout the Day

Throughout the day, talk about what we use our teeth for. For example, at lunch time, bite into a carrot making a loud crunch and say, “God gave us teeth so that we could bite into a carrot! Thank You, God, for giving us teeth!” Quote Eph. 4:32a and have your child(ren) repeat it. Explain to them that biting is not being kind. If your child continues to bite, then it becomes an act of disobedience and discipline may be in order.

Dear God…
Help me to be kind to everyone. I know it is very bad for me to bite. I pray that I won’t bite any more.


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