Let’s color a picture of the hat. See the letter h? H sounds like (sound out h). Another word that has the letter h is “help”! Let’s use the word help in a sentence. I help Mommy to fold laundry.

The Helping Song
(sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

I help Mommy I must say
To pick up toys and make my bed
Folding towels and socks too
Washing dishes, forks and spoons
I help Mommy I must say
Obeying Jesus every day

Bible Time

Let’s open the Bible and learn what God says about helping.

And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them:(Psa 37:40a)


Bobby likes to help Mommy. Mommy makes helping fun! (smile and nod your head yes) Mommy puts Bobby’s favorite Children’s Songs CD and they listen to music while they do the dishes. Sometimes Mommy makes folding laundry fun, too! Mommy gives Bobby all the socks and Bobby has to match them before his favorite song finishes. When Bobby finishes in time, Mommy gives Bobby some gummy bears!

Bobby likes to help Daddy in the garage, too. Daddy gives him a rag and Bobby cleans Daddy’s tools. “Bobby is a big boy! Good job, Bobby! Thank you for helping me!” says Daddy. “Would you help me rake the leaves, please?” asked Daddy. Bobby knew that if he helped Daddy, it would make Daddy very happy. “OK, Daddy, I will help you!” said Bobby. Good job, Bobby! (clap hands and smile)

Teaching Throughout the Day

Throughout the day, each time your child helps, clap your hands and tell them thank you! Remind them that when they are helping they are not only being a helper but they are being kind and they are doing the same thing God does. Repeat the memory verse to show them that they are being a helper just like God helps us.

Dear God…
I like helping Mommy and Daddy.
Please show me how I can help them more.

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