Helping Mommy


Let’s color the picture of Jesus and the Apostles.  Jesus is telling the Apostles where to throw their nets so they can catch fish!

Apostles Song
(to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”)

Jesus called them one by one, Peter, Andrew, James and John,
Next came Philip, Thomas too, Matthew and Bartholomew.

Yes, Jesus called them, Yes, Jesus called them,
Yes, Jesus called them, The Bible tells me so.

James the one they called the less, Simon, also Thaddeus,
The twelfth apostle Judas made, Jesus was by him betrayed.

Yes, Jesus called them, Yes, Jesus called them,
Yes, Jesus called them, The Bible tells me so.

Bible Time

(Mar 1:17)  And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.


When Mommy asked Bobby to help her with the trash, Bobby began to throw a temper tantrum.  He was busy playing with his cars and he did not want to stop to help Mommy.  Mommy asked Bobby again but he continued to cry and say, “No!”

Mommy sat Bobby on her lap and told him how sad she was that he would not help her.  (make a sad face and shake your head no.)

“You know, Bobby, Jesus had helpers too.  He could not do all the work by Himself.  Jesus had to preach to the people, just like Pastor.” Mommy said.

She continued, “Jesus did not have time to fish or hunt for food.  So He would send the Apostles, like Peter and John, to get the food for everyone to eat.”

“I didn’t know that!” Bobby said.

“Yes, Bobby, it’s true.  Would you say no to Jesus if He asked you to help Him?” Mommy asked.

“No, I would say yes!” said Bobby.

“Good, Bobby!  I’m glad you would say yes to Jesus!  I would, too!  You know, Bobby, the Bible says that you would obey me just as you would obey Jesus if I ask you to do something.  When you throw a temper tantrum like this, it makes me sad and Jesus, too!  Jesus wants you to obey me.  And when you obey me, you’re obeying Jesus, too!”  (clap your hands and smile)

“Now,” said Mommy, “won’t you come and help me empty the trash?”

Bobby went to help Mommy right away!  Yeh Bobby!  (clap your hands)

Dear God…
Please help me to always obey my Mommy and Daddy when they ask me to do something.  I know that when I obey then, I am obeying you. Amen!

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