Let’s color the picture of Mary crying! Why do you think she’s crying?

Acting Nicely
(sung to Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Acting nicely pleases God
Pleases God
Pleases God
Acting nicely pleases God
And Mommy, too.

When I cannot get my way
Get my way
Get my way
When I cannot get my way
I must not cry.

Bible Time

~Proverbs 7:24 Hearken unto me now therefore, O ye children, and attend to the words of my mouth.


Mommy dressed Mary and put her jacket on because it was cold outside. Mary and Mommy were going grocery shopping.

“Now, Mary,” said Mommy, “I would like you to be a good little girl at the grocery store. If you behave, you and I will make cookies together for Daddy, OK?” (smile and clap your hands)

“Yeh! OK, Mommy!” said Mary.

After Mommy put all the groceries into the cart that she needed, they pushed the cart to the check-out line. While they were waiting for their turn, Mary saw some candy on the shelf. Not just any candy, but her favorite: Skittles!

“Oh Mommy, may I have some Skittles?” Mary asked.

“No, honey,” answered Mommy, “we have candy at home.”


“No, Mary. Mommy will not repeat herself so stop asking.” Mommy replied. (shake your head no and frown)

Mary was so upset that Mommy would not let her have the Skittles that she started screaming and crying.

“I want some Skittles!” she yelled.

Mary did not stop crying and continued with her temper tantrum. By this time, everyone was looking at Mommy and waiting to see how she would respond to Mary. Mommy did not buy the Skittles. She paid the cashier for the groceries and then wheeled the cart out to her car. Mary continued screaming and crying all the way home.

When Mommy and Mary arrived home, Mommy brought in the groceries and sent Mary to her room until she finished putting the groceries away. Afterwards, she went into Mary’s room to talk to her.

“Mary, because you threw a temper tantrum today, you will not be able to play with your friends for the rest of the week.” said Mommy.

“But Mommy,” Mary cried, “I’m suppose to go to Ricky’s birthday party!”

“You will not be able to go to his party, Mary. Your behavior today at the store was unacceptable. You disobeyed me when I told you no. So, Mary, because of your behavior, you are being punished. God tells you in the Bible to “obey your parents in the Lord for this is right” and you did not obey.” Mommy said. (nod your head up and down)

“I know, that’s in Ephesians 6:1.” replied Mary. “But couldn’t you let me go to Ricky’s party ayway?”

“No, Mary. You did not obey so you must suffer the consequences for your actions. The next time we go to the store, I’m sure you will not throw a temper tantrum when you don’t get your way, will you?” asked Mommy. (shake your head no and make a sad face)

“No, ma’am! I will be sure to obey right away.” Mary said. (smile and clap your hands.)

Dear God…
Please help me to change my behavior so I do not throw temper tantrums. I know that I am disobeying You when I do.Amen!

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