Let’s color the picture of Bobby and his teddy bear! Bobby is praying with his teddy bear. Why do you think Bobby is praying? We will find out in today’s lesson.

You Must Not Tell A Lie
(sung to The Farmer in the Dell)

You must not tell a lie
You must not tell a lie
God says that lying is a sin
You must not tell a lie

I must not tell a lie
I must not tell a lie
It makes my parents really sad
I must not tell a lie
Bible Time

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. (Exo 20:16)


Bobby and Andy were playing with their toy cars. Andy did not want to share with Bobby and that made Bobby angry. Bobby threw one of his toy cars at Andy and it hit the wall and made a hole in the wall. (make a sad face) Bobby knew that Mommy would be very upset with him. Bobby told Andy not to say what happened or Bobby would be punished. When Andy went home, Mommy saw the hole in the wall and asked Bobby what happened. Bobby told Mommy a lie. (make a sad face and shake your head No) He said that Andy threw the car and it hit the wall. Bobby felt awful for lying to Mommy but he was afraid to tell her the truth. He knew that she would be very sad if she knew he had lied to her. (make a sad face again) So Bobby decided not to tell his Mommy he had lied.

The next day, Mommy hung up the telephone and came to Bobby. Mommy said, “Bobby, Andy’s Mom told me that Andy said you did not want him to say how the hole got in the wall. Bobby, would you like to tell me the truth now”? Bobby told his Mommy that he had lied and that he threw the car and it hit the wall. Bobby felt better now because he had told the truth. Mommy said, “Bobby, God’s Word says not to tell a lie because it is sin. You need to ask God to forgive you.” Bobby began to cry and hugged his Mommy. He told her he was sorry. Bobby knelt down with his teddy bear and began to pray to God and asked God to forgive him. Bobby was so happy now that he had been forgiven! (clap your hands and smile) Bobby said to his Mommy, “I’ll never tell a lie again, Mommy”! (smile again and clap your hands)

Dear God…
Help me to always tell the truth. Amen!